Конго 1995

When an expedition to the African Congo ends in disaster, a new team is assembled to find out what went wrong.

All Titles
  • US: Congo Congo
  • AR: Congo Congo
  • BR: Congo Congo
  • BG: Конго Конго
  • CA: Congo Congo
  • DK: Congo Congo
  • FI: Congo Congo
  • FR: Congo Congo
  • DE: Congo - Wo der Mensch zur bedrohten Art wird Congo - Wo der Mensch zur bedrohten Art wird
  • GR: Congo Congo
  • HU: Kongó Kongó
  • MX: Congo Congo
  • PL: Kongo Kongo
  • RS: Kongo Kongo
  • SI: Kongo Kongo
  • ES: Congo Congo
  • TR: Congo Congo
Directed by Frank Marshall
Artists Tim Curry
as Herkermer Homolka
Joe Don Baker
as R.B. Travis
Ernie Hudson
as Captain Monroe Kelly
Release date 09 Jun 1995
Genre Action Adventure Mystery Sci-Fi
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